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Innovations that go beyond technical solutions with a vision lying firmly in the
well-being of others

Clear Scientific
Life Saving Technologies


Saving lives from chemical and biological threats.

The heart of our mission at Clear Scientific is protection. Through our expert team of scientists, esteemed partners, and our collective drive to save lives, we seek to be the premier industry leader in chem-bio safety. With a focus on detection, decontamination, and medical countermeasures, Clear Scientific is invested in public health.

By utilizing cutting edge science and technology we are addressing one of the biggest challenges of our age; the chemical and biological weapons threat.

Clear Scientific develops platforms and systems that resolve existing capability gaps in chem-bio response protocols. Fieldable systems are imperative for saving lives and enhancing safety for the soldier on the tactical battlefield, first responders in emergency situations, and civilians across the country.

Our vision goes beyond technical solutions and lies firmly in the well-being of others.

Clear Scientific, Inc. seeks to be the premier provider of novel solutions for chemical and biological defense by:

Protecting people and assets from contamination

Detecting warfare agents with high specificity and sensitivity

Decontaminating people and assets to preserve health and sustain the force

Our strengths encompass chemistry, sensors, materials, and unique access to both advisers and emerging technologies in academia. With private capital, personal investment by senior management, government funding, and by leveraging our strengths, Clear Scientific addresses foundational scientific challenges in the chemical and biological defense industry. Our products have a broad impact across markets including detection, decontamination and medical countermeasures.



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The team at Clear Scientific is dedicated to constant innovation and collaboration. We are passionate about developing technologies & products and are proud to provide a service to the US soldier.


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