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Saving lives by providing novel solutions to foundational problems in the chemical & biological defense industry



Clear Scientific, Inc. seeks to be the premier systems integrator & developer of turnkey solutions for protecting against current and evolving chemical and biological threats by:

Protecting people and assets from contamination

Detecting warfare agents with high specificity and sensitivity

Decontaminating people and assets to preserve health and optempo

To better serve the armed forces, we pursue rapid reduction to practice by advancing and deploying ground-breaking innovations for defense applications and commercial markets. This is enabled by our partnerships with industry, academia and government organizations.

We work on new technologies with broad impact across chemical and biological defense markets, including decontamination, medical countermeasures, detection, and testing & evaluation. Our expertise lies in chemistry, material science, sensors, biology, and informatics.


March 2019

VP of Chemistry attends Medical Chemical Defense Conference

March 2019

Clear Scientific, Inc. Launches


The team at Clear Scientific is dedicated to constant innovation and collaboration. We are passionate about developing technologies & products and are proud to provide a service to the US soldier.


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