CWA Detection Development

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts   |   June 2019

A core focus in Clear Scientific’s mission has been developing technology for the rapid identification of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and other emerging chemical threats. Clear Scientific continues the development of our zero-power, disposable indicator ticket for rapid presumptive identification of CWAs. If US soldiers are operating in, or need to travel through an area that is thought to be contaminated, then they use disposable paper tickets (M8 paper) to test any liquid that is present to inform them if it is a CWA. Knowing if the liquid is a CWA warns the solider if exposure is a threat to their health. However, current tickets are prone to a myriad of false positives from common and safe chemicals that are often present and cannot detect many emerging chemical threats. The ticket currently in development would dramatically reduce and eliminate false positives, while expanding the range of CWAs and other hazards it is capable of detecting. It would additionally detect chemical hazards when present in all forms of matter (vapor, solid, liquid, and adsorbed), as opposed to liquids only.