Opioid Intoxication Sensing

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts   |   May 2019

One of the main areas of business Clear Scientific focuses on is detection related to chemical warfare agents, whether it is detection of the agents themselves or detecting the effects CWAs have on people or animals. CS is enhancing its detection capabilities by working to develop a passive, wearable sensor to detect opioid intoxication. Opioids present a massive health hazard to active service members and first responders alike and has been declared a public health emergency.1 Currently, intoxication is clinically diagnosed by medical personnel based on visual symptoms. There is no sensor to indicate when an individual is actively overdosing from accidental, environmental exposure to an opioid. The sensor under development would present an easy, low-burden, and non-invasive way to monitor active personnel health, and expedite appropriate and life-saving rescue treatment if an individual is exposed to opioids.